KKC & Other Audio Stuff

Some Recordings of Various KKC Luminaries and others
 in Various Parts of the World.

KL7/G4DMA:  Flo was running a large log-periodic aerial at the time and a few hundred Watts I seem to remember.  The 'wobbly' sound on some of the Alaska audio is an effect of the signals crossing over the pole and not my tape recorder :)
Flo was a huge signal and just listen to that lovely quiet background on 17m - not like that these days sadly.


 KL7DMA1 - on 17m, probably 2001'ish

KL7DMA2 - on 17m, probably 2001'ish

EA8/G4STA - The GodFather of KKC on 17m 29th April 2001

G3ZMF - Frank chatting to Adam, G7CRQ, on GB3NS in January 2009

VK6s on 10m - VK6s KRC, CB and APZ and G4FKK on 10m back in 2001 - 10m background noise not as quiet as that any more :(
                          I had a 3 element mono-bander for 10m up in those days and 400W from a pair of 813s.  They don't make sunspots like that any more!

TopBand Beacon - A short sample of the jingle bells underneath G3WPDs 10W of AM from an EL84 on 1.900 MHz - takes you right back :)

K1KWs AM on 10m - 10m AM from the States back in 1999

Some AM on TopBand - Featuring Roger, G4BXM and Graham, G3XTZ in 1999

Next up some audio I recorded in the early to mid 1970s when I was a keen SWL.  Please note that the receiver was a home-made Direct Conversion effort
which drifted if you breathed and also had no agc.  The only way to get any RF gain control was to de-tune the front end which led to even less selectivity
than it started with.  I was about 13 or 14 when I recorded this stuff and that's my excuse for the terrible levels!!

G4DMA - CQ on top-band with his modified KW Vespa and 520' aerial.

G3ZPS - Steve calling CQ in the Verulam Club Contest around Christmas time.

My mentor, G2ANT, having a chat with Frank, G4DZB (who was using AM),  in the middle of the Verulam Club Contest.

G2ANT working G3JMJ in the Verulam Club Contest.

G4BXT in the Verulam Club Contest.

G8KW Richard operating G8KW during KW Days, 5th January 2020